Birth August 29, 1893 36 31
Marriage of a siblingJohannes HeinrichMarguerite Philippine Clara OlmView this family
May 15, 1906 (aged 12 years) Husband: 30 Wife: 24
Address: FIRST GERMAN BAPTIST CHURCH 336 E 14 Street New York
Note: First German Baptist Church

First German Baptist Church

336 East 14th Street near First Avenue New York, N.Y. 10003

Organ Specifications: 336 East 14th Street and First Avenue (1869-c.1920) ► II/13 Geo. Jardine & Son (c.1869) Sixth Street near Avenue C (1866-1869) • unknown Avenue A near Second Street (1850-1866) • unknown Stanton and Essex Streets (1846-1850) • unknown

The First German Baptist Church was organized in 1846 to serve the large number of German immigrant families living in "Klein Deutschland" ("Little Germany"). For their first four years, the congregation met at Stanton and Essex Streets, and in 1850 they removed to Avenue A near Second Street, where they remained for sixteen years. Following the Civil War, as many residents and churches relocated farther uptown, First German Baptist made plans for a new church, temporarily moving to Sixth Street near Avenue C until a site was purchased on East 14th Street, the northern boundary of Klein Deutschland. In 1866, Julius Boekell designed a fanciful Romanesque-style edifice that had a gabled facade with two narrow towers and many windows. Some sources state that the new church was opened in 1869. The German congregation merged or ceased to exist sometime after 1920.

John and Augustina
John and Augustina

Note: Believed to be from their wedding.
Marriage of a siblingCarl Jacob BauerIda Alexis Philippine OlmView this family
September 27, 1911 (aged 18 years)

Marriage of a siblingHarry AppelJulie Clara OlmView this family
January 19, 1913 (aged 19 years)
Death of a sisterAngelina Olm
April 1913 (aged 19 years)
Death of a motherCaroline Schulz
February 27, 1914 (aged 20 years)
Death of a fatherCharles Olm
September 6, 1922 (aged 29 years)
Death of a sisterMagdalena Olm
October 31, 1934 (aged 41 years)
Death of a sisterMarguerite Philippine Clara Olm
February 16, 1943 (aged 49 years)
Cause: Cancer
Death of a sisterIda Alexis Philippine Olm
August 22, 1951 (aged 57 years)
Death of a sisterJulie Clara Olm
February 9, 1953 (aged 59 years)
Death April 20, 1976 (aged 82 years)