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A useful feature of the family history database is timelines which shows events recorded on a linear graph. Assuming all recorded events have accurate dates, then it is easy to see when an event took […]

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Naturalisation of John and Augustina

In 1919 John made an application to the Australian Government for naturalisation which was declined without explanation. This file documents the journey undertaken by John to acquire naturalisation which he did in September 1922. It’s […]

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Olm family documents

From Elodee’s collection, a document from Charles Olm. Latest news is far more interesting than what I proposed before (travel documents). Once again, Jean-Paul translates: “I have skimmed over the legal document you sent me […]

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Letter from Philippine to Julia

From Elodee’s collection, a letter from Philippine to Julia, undated, presumably c late 1942. In it, news of the day providing an insight into events at the time. Dated by references to the Minneapolis floods […]

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Augustina’s Watch

Here is Augustina’s watch presented by the Ladies Missionary Society on the occasion of the retirement from service at Blenheim and subsequently gifted to Ellice.

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Robert Heinrich

Also from the collection of Judy, this card which reads: “In memory of your nephew, Robert Heinrich.” This suggests family in Germany but nothing else is known at present.

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Remarkable coincidence

Remarkably, here is the twin of the postcard in the article below from the collection of Judy Ziegenfusz. What are the odds of this card in Australia and its twin sent to America over one […]

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Postcards to America

Elodee sends another tantalising glimpse into the past by way of correspondence from Gussie to Julia in 1910: “Blenheim May 10 10 What do you think of John – is he the strong man you […]

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Who is Marguerite Philippine Clara Olm?

Thanks to research by Elodee and Jean-Paul, it seems clear that Marguerite Philippine Clara Olm is Augustina Olm. Here is an Jean-Paul’s explanation of the information in the birth certificate: “For now, I’m sorry to […]

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Who Are These People?

                  If you said Charles Olm, John and Augustina and Augustina, you’d be spot on. I am pleased to report that I have been in contact with […]

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