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Have you ever wondered??

… about what goes on under the hood here? There of a lot of scanning of documents and photos. Research of databases and document repositories, interviews and then analysing, sorting and collating information. The pick […]

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Brandenburg Genealogy Society

The link for anyone that wants to explore:

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The distinguished gentlemen

In the image below we see John and companions taking tea on the manse veranda. I presume anyway from examining the image. The image is in the form of a postcard, a popular means of […]

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Info from the 1900 New York Census

Is this John in the 1900 New York Census? This record located by Joan after a particularly big session scanning databases, however the birthdate doesn’t quite match (1874 vs 1875). Additionally, John was said to […]

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More Images Scanned

The collection of Judy has been scanned. This comprises about 150 images including a couple I feel especially significant. They shall be added to the Family History database in due course.

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