The distinguished gentlemen

In the image below we see John and companions taking tea on the manse veranda. I presume anyway from examining the image. The image is in the form of a postcard, a popular means of […]

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Info from the 1900 New York Census

Is this John in the 1900 New York Census? This record located by Joan after a particularly big session scanning databases, however the birthdate doesn’t quite match (1874 vs 1875). Additionally, John was said to […]

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More Images Scanned

The collection of Judy has been scanned. This comprises about 150 images including a couple I feel especially significant. They shall be added to the Family History database in due course.

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At a church meeting on October 24, 1930, John tendered his resignation as pastor of the church. Resignation

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The Delegate to Berlin

Amongst the pages of the documents I found handwritten notes, snippets of newspaper or other documentation. Below, an extract from an extensive newspaper article of the Queensland Times, September 26, 1932. The article details the […]

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Sunday School Secretary’s report 1929

Below, a link for the Blenheim Sunday School Secretary’s report for 1929, a summary of the year’s activities included to provide insight in the scope of the Sunday School program and the various activities and […]

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A map of the district showing approximate locations of the farm at Coominya (Banffs Lane near Lake Atkinson) and the church at Blenheim. Unfortunately, Kalbar is not shown on this map.

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Blenheim Church location.

It’s long gone of course but I did find the location for my own peace of mind. It’s just east of the Blenheim school on the same side of the road. This picture shows the […]

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Today I have gained access to documents from the former Blenheim Baptist Church which I shall be transcribing and publishing. First cab off the rank:   REVERENDS INTRODUCTION IN BLENHEIM, AUSTRALIA. A short while ago, […]

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In the press

The life and times of Rev John and Mrs Heinrich are in the National Archive for all to see. It seems that the many events of the church and district were reported and are available […]

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