Birth April 27, 1857 32 26
MarriageCaroline SchulzView this family
June 7, 1881 (aged 24 years)
Birth of a daughterMarguerite Philippine Clara Olm
February 28, 1882 (aged 24 years)
Note: Born Marguerite Philippine Clara known as Augustina or Gussie.

Born Marguerite Philippine Clara known as Augustina or Gussie.

Literal translation from the birth certificate:

Birth - Certificate for Marguerite Philippine Clara Olm. bom in Limpertsberg* Kanton of Luxemburg on 31 * January 1882 at half pest five p.m. ) This is not part of thedocument- BKTH-CERTIFICATE ihc year one thousand eight hundred and eighty two, the first of the month Pcbruars at seven o'clock in the afternoon appeared before Us Friedrich Klein, the Mayor and Official of the Council of the Parish of RoHmgergrumL in Kanton Luxemburg. Great Dukedom Luxemburg Olm Charles twenty four years old Court-Clerk living in Limpertsberg, who introduced to Ua, a child of female gender, born yesterday at half past five p.m. in the house No/at Limpertsberg Lane, produced by him the introducer and his wife Caroline Schultx, without occupation nineteen years old and living in Limpertsberg and he declared that he wished to give her the first names Marguerite. Philippine. Clara This declaration and introduction took place in the presence of Kellcn Johann Baptist, forty one years old Telegraph Officer of Limpertsberg and Stemel Joseph, twenty six years old Gardener of Limpertsberg and the witnesses have signed together with us this document after it was raid to them Charles Oto J, R Kcllen Sterne! Ffe Klein

The explanation follows supplied by Elodee following research in Luxembourg:

I have been at the National Archives and collected some information about the Olms. First of all, I can confirm now that there were no twins. So definitely, Marguerite Philippine Clara must be 'Gussie'. No idea why she was called Augustine instead of one of her real names, but the parents seem to have been kind of name fetishists. More about that a bit later !

For now, I'm sorry to tell you that we have to correct Gussie's birth date. Elodee, in your second mail, you had written about several documents stating 3 different dates for Augustine's birth. Today, I found the solution for this mistery ! In the ten-years tables, I found her on February 28, 1882. But the certificate that you had sent me was dated 1st of February, and the child was born 'yesterday', thus on 31st of January. In order to check that incoherence, I then searched for the certificate on the microfilm, but couldn't find it around February 1 (those certificates were written into a book, thus they are ordered invariably by date). Searching further, I found Augustine's certificate (Nr 10) between one from Feb 22 (Nr 9) and the next one from March 24 (Nr 11). Thus, the certificate is from 1st of March, Gussie is born 'yesterday' (Tuesday, Feb 28, 1882), and the officer simply had made a mistake by writing down the wrong month name. The person who drew the ten-years tables had noticed this and wrote the correct date into the table. But as the certificate is an official document, he couldn't simply correct the date in it !

Birth of a daughterIda Alexis Philippine Olm
October 12, 1884 (aged 27 years)
Birth of a daughterAngelina Olm
May 12, 1885 (aged 28 years)
Birth of a daughterMagdalena Olm
December 12, 1887 (aged 30 years)
Birth of a daughterJulie Clara Olm
October 3, 1891 (aged 34 years)
Birth of a sonCharles August Olm
August 29, 1893 (aged 36 years)
Emigration August 29, 1894 (aged 37 years)
Note: "United States Germans to America Index, 1850-1897," database, FamilySearch (https://familysearch.or…

"United States Germans to America Index, 1850-1897," database, FamilySearch ( : 27 December 2014), Charles Olm, 29 Aug 1894; citing Germans to America Passenger Data file, 1850-1897, Ship Waesland, departed from Antwerp, arrived in New York, New York, New York, United States, NAID identifier 1746067, National Archives at College Park, Maryland.

Census 1900 (aged 42 years)
Address: 74 West New York town Ward 2, Hudson, New Jersey, United States
Note: Household Members:

Household Members: Name Age Charles Olm 43 Caroline Olm 38 Augustina Olm 18 Philipine Olm 17 Angelina Olm 16 Lena Olm 14 Julia Olm 9 Charles A Olm 7 Henry Blind 1



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Marriage of a childJohannes HeinrichMarguerite Philippine Clara OlmView this family
May 15, 1906 (aged 49 years) Husband: 30 Wife: 24
Address: FIRST GERMAN BAPTIST CHURCH 336 E 14 Street New York
Note: First German Baptist Church

First German Baptist Church

336 East 14th Street near First Avenue New York, N.Y. 10003

Organ Specifications: 336 East 14th Street and First Avenue (1869-c.1920) ► II/13 Geo. Jardine & Son (c.1869) Sixth Street near Avenue C (1866-1869) • unknown Avenue A near Second Street (1850-1866) • unknown Stanton and Essex Streets (1846-1850) • unknown

The First German Baptist Church was organized in 1846 to serve the large number of German immigrant families living in "Klein Deutschland" ("Little Germany"). For their first four years, the congregation met at Stanton and Essex Streets, and in 1850 they removed to Avenue A near Second Street, where they remained for sixteen years. Following the Civil War, as many residents and churches relocated farther uptown, First German Baptist made plans for a new church, temporarily moving to Sixth Street near Avenue C until a site was purchased on East 14th Street, the northern boundary of Klein Deutschland. In 1866, Julius Boekell designed a fanciful Romanesque-style edifice that had a gabled facade with two narrow towers and many windows. Some sources state that the new church was opened in 1869. The German congregation merged or ceased to exist sometime after 1920.

John and Augustina
John and Augustina

Note: Believed to be from their wedding.
Birth of a granddaughterRuth Caroline Heinrich
February 13, 1907 (aged 49 years)

Birth Information for RUTH HEINRICH (State File Number: 17419)

File Date: 02/18/1907 Sex: Female Birth Date: 02/13/1907 City/County: CHARLES MIX Mother's Name: ANGUSLINA OLEN Father's Name: JOHN HEINRICH

Birth of a grandsonCarl August Heinrich
April 15, 1908 (aged 50 years)

Birth Information for CARL HEINRICH (State File Number: 30293)

File Date: 05/14/1908 Sex: Male Birth Date: 04/15/1908 City/County: CHARLES MIX Mother's Name: AUGUSTINA OLM Father's Name: JOHN HEINRICH

Birth of a grandsonWalter Wilhelm Heinrich
December 7, 1909 (aged 52 years)
Marriage of a childCarl Jacob BauerIda Alexis Philippine OlmView this family
September 27, 1911 (aged 54 years)
Birth of a grandsonDaniel John Heinrich
January 2, 1912 (aged 54 years)
Marriage of a childHarry AppelJulie Clara OlmView this family
January 19, 1913 (aged 55 years)
Birth of a granddaughterMyrtle Violet Heinrich
April 18, 1913 (aged 55 years)
Birth of a granddaughterViolet Appel
June 20, 1913 (aged 56 years)
Death of a wifeCaroline Schulz
February 27, 1914 (aged 56 years)
Birth of a grandsonHarry Appel
April 19, 1915 (aged 57 years)
Birth of a grandsonSamuel Milton Heinrich
August 19, 1915 (aged 58 years)
Birth of a granddaughterMildred Meta Heinrich
August 14, 1917 (aged 60 years)
Birth of a granddaughterJuliet Lorraine BAUER
August 15, 1921 (aged 64 years)
Death of a fatherNicolas Olm
Death of a motherMargaretha Wiltz
Death September 6, 1922 (aged 65 years)