Florie and Ruth, daughters of Angelina

From Elodee…

Here’s the family story that I heard about Florence (Florrie, Florie) and Ruth:

Angelina (Angele), Charles Olm’s 3rd daughter, married Walter Claassen and had 2 daughters, Florie and Ruth. When Angele died of unknown causes in 1913 her daughters were 10 and 7 respectively. Walter put the girls in a “children’s home”. My grandmother, Julie, and her sister, Phillie, couldn’t stand the idea of them being in an orphanage so Julie took Florie  (she had just had a baby, Violet) and raised her as her own. I grew up calling her Aunt Florie and adored her. Phillie took Ruth to North Dakota and we don’t think they ever saw each other again. My father remembers Walter (a “dashing” man) showing up for a few hours a couple of times a year and no one knows what became of him.

That reminds me – Charles Olm moved in with my father, Juliet, and family in his old age. I believe he was with all of them when he died.

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