John and Augustina moved to New York and New Jersey from Berlin and Luxembourg respectively in their childhood and married in Manhattan in 1906. John trained as a Baptist minister and they moved to South Dakota to serve the Baptist congregation there.

In 1908, the Heinrich family responded to a call to serve the congregations of Blenheim and Tent Hill arriving in Brisbane on December 1,1908. Their travels took them from South Dakota to Vancouver where they embarked on the Aorangi which carried them to Brisbane.

John and Augustina served the Blenheim and Tent Hill Baptist communities for 22 years and retired in 1931 to their property at Coominya. In 1933 John took up another pastoral assignment in Kalbar. In 1935 his health declined and he passed away May 5 1936 at the age of 60. Augustina continued to live at the farm until her death on February 16 1943. They are buried at Laidley Cemetery.

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