Freda Mary Beutel , 19122001 (aged 88 years)

Freda Mary /Beutel/
Given names
Freda Mary
Married name
Freda Mary /Heinrich/
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Born at Hatton Vale on the 12th October, 1912 where my father and motherowned an agricultural farm. When I was two years old we moved to theLaidley district where we carried on dairying and mixed farming. Iattended the Laidley Central School until the age of fourteen years.

After leaving school I stayed home and helped with all the choresconnected with mixed farming. Mum and I and my sister Vene and twobrothers, Horace and Clarence carried on with the dairying, while myfather and eldest brother started a small sawmilling business which was aboon to the local farmers, who could come and buy timber for buildingconstructions and repairs.

At the age of twenty and a half I married Walter Heinrich, who was aBaptist Ministers son. We settled on a small farm doing mixed farmingand dairying at Blenheim. That was in 1933 and we stayed there till theyear 1943 when we moved to Ormiston in the Redlands District.

We took up Small crops farming which we carried on till the year 1964.We thought we had had enough work and decided to retire.